Forex Trading

Also known as FX trading or currency trading, forex trading refers to a decentralised, worldwide market, where foreign currencies are exchanged at floating rates by financial institutions, companies, and individuals.

How Forex Trading Works

Multiple factors have contributed to making the forex trading marketplace the largest and most liquid market in the world, including the ease of global travel, the efficiency of trading online and instant international communication.

These factors make the world a smaller place, and consequently international currencies are needed to be traded against each other – as a result, the forex trading marketplace continues to grow and become more responsive and dynamic. There is no central marketplace, and the market is open 24 hours a day.

Trading Forex Online

Cardiff Global Markets gives you access to Global Markets at your fingertips

Forex traders

Retail foreign exchange traders, namely individuals, are among the largest group of participants, and growing all the time.

Forex brokers

Individuals trade forex in the marketplace via a broker like Cardiff Global Markets.

Get a trading account

Cardiff issues the individual with a trading account, funded using a base currency – usually the local currency where the client is located.

Start trading

Individuals then use their account from their broker to sell and buy currencies with the goal of profit.