Trading Commodities

Alongside forex markets, commodity trading offers you opportunities for varied investments globally as prices are based on the delivery of physical goods, and soft commodities such as coffee, wheat and sugar which have been traded for centuries.

How Trading Commodities Works

Trading fundamental commodities will prevail as a longer term investment. Global population grown is the main driver of commodity prices, and people will always want and need food and energy. These commodities have become essential elements of manufacturing for domestic and industrial consumption – vital parts of modern living! The complex interplay of factors of supply and demand of these physical commodities create ongoing fluctuations in price, providing opportunities for traders to capitalise on.

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Easy Trading Access

Trading commodity CFDs is the same as forex pairs, accessible from one account on the same platform for convenience.

Trade around the clock

As with forex trading, there is no centralised marketplace so traders can take advantage of these opportunities 23 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Hedge & Diversify

Commodities are a great choice to hedge against unstable markets and for traders looking to diversify their portfolio.

Market Opportunity

The geopolitical climate of recent years has created a surging interest and volatility in oil prices, and consequently many opportunities for traders.